Holiday time

Happy holidays!

It was good to catch up with most of the parents at our recent Parent Teacher Interview Day / Evening. Everyone commented on the improvement that their children were showing at home.

Some students are in the very early days of their series of lessons and we all look forward to seeing how well they progress in the future. The students that have finished Reading Recovery should continue to read, read, read. Their learning is not finished!

I sent some extra books home with the current Reading Recovery children who were at school on the last day of term. Don’t forget to hear reading every day. At least one book per day.

There are many opportunities to read and write during the time away from school. I easily found some ideas by searching the Web, including:

20 suggestions for maintaining reading momentum during the school holidays

Let the children write! 20 suggestions to get children writing during the school holidays

140+ Best Learning Activities

See you in Term 3.

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4 thoughts on “Holiday time

  1. Hi Diane,
    Thanks so much for linking to the posts on my blog. Like you, I have a love of teaching literacy and am passionate about early childhood learning. I write a lot about these on the blog that you linked to, as well as on readilearn, a website of my early childhood teaching resources. It’s lovely to meet your here on your blog. I’ll be checking out more of your wonderful posts.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve really enjoyed going through your posts. I’m always looking for Reading Recovery teachers with blogs. I really enjoy reading how you share information with parents. Thank you for the links!


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