Testing times

It’s that time of the year again! The frantic testing and writing of reports signals it’s time for the picture on the left to make another appearance.

Most students are very close to finishing Reading Recovery and they are trying to do as well as they can before they are discontinued.


Some of the students may not be quite ready to finish their series of lessons by the end of the year so 1 or 2 will possibly continue at the beginning of 2018 when they are in Year 2.

The Reading Recovery students who finished earlier in the year are currently being tested so that this information can be added to their reports. The results so far have been very pleasing. Soon I will also be testing the current students for their reports. These students will continue with their lessons after this testing for as long as possible before their final testing when they will either be discontinued or carried over into next year.

Homework, especially reading, should still be happening every day. It’s not the holidays yet! (Unless your name is Melissa and you are getting married on Friday! Have a great day!)

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