You may have noticed a few disruptions to the Reading Recovery lessons of late. On Thursday all of the Intervention teachers were required to cover grades so that the classroom teachers could attend some literacy professional development together. On Friday the students did not have their normal lessons. I heard the students read a book or 2 and swapped their take-home books, before I headed to some Reading Recovery professional development in Ballarat. AND Monday is a Curriculum Day so the students will miss out again. Hopefully after that we will be back to lessons as per usual!

On Friday I recorded the students as they read. I stood in front of each one with an iPad. It was very interesting to be able to replay the recordings later and to observe what the eyes were doing as each student was reading. (See previous post Where are the eyes looking?) When I hear students read I am usually sitting side by side with them and so I have a limited ability to check what the eyes are doing. I have a greater awareness now of what is going on, e.g. who is looking away from the book, who is scanning the words ahead or behind, and who is going back and forth between the words and the pictures to support the word solving.

I know that many of you were at the Information Evening last Tuesday and I hope that you enjoyed being lead around the school by your children. I was on Zooper Dooper duty in the canteen, followed by surveying parents duty, so I was not in the Reading Recovery room if you came to visit. Remember that you can come and see me in Room 12 before school on any Monday or Friday.

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