Term 2

The holidays have come and gone and Term 2 is well under way. It is pleasing that the students retained most of their new learning. I did notice that some old habits crept back in, especially reading in a more stilted voice. Please remind your child to sound like a ‘good reader’ by saying something like ‘run your words together like talking’ or ‘don’t sound like a robot’. (See Why do we want students to be fluent readers?)

It’s unfortunate that there will be 2 days without lessons next week just as the momentum is picking up again. Of course Anzac Day is on Wednesday (and we all enjoy a public holiday!). On Tuesday the Intervention teachers are covering grades again so that the classroom teachers can learn some more about writing from Alan Wright. The Friday of the following week is a Curriculum Day so that will be yet another missed lesson.

In the last post I reminded everyone that the homework (pasting) book can be used as a book for your child to read when there is a break from lessons. See how many past sentences can be read. Invite your child to go on a word search. Circle similar words, e.g. day, today, yesterday. Look for smaller words within bigger words, e.g. into, playing, grandma. Find all the words containing ‘th’. I’m sure that you will think of more challenges. Or your child will!

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