I have been browsing (not wasting time!) and came across some great articles related to Self Monitoring, Comprehension, and Reciprocity.

I have added the links to the For Teachers page.


Looking for some fresh (or forgotten) ideas to use at home? Here are a couple of updated sites:

Ways to Help at Home from LiteracyLearning.net

Some suggestions for reading, and the cut up sentence, as well as word games.


Reading and Writing With Your Child from the Reading Recovery Council of North America

More ideas and links to games and articles.


Further tips can be found on the Useful Links page. (It can be frustrating when you find links that do not work any more. It would take way too long to keep checking them all!)

During the Curriculum Day on Friday we had our 1st session in the Berry Street Education Model series. There was an emphasis on the importance of students feeling safe and supported in a learning environment containing a predictable routine. Sounds exactly like Reading Recovery!

It is always uplifting to hear about some success stories. Also revisit Celebrating Reading for some feel-good viewing!

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