The power of reading

As I write this post, many of us are settling in to watch the ‘fairytale wedding’ in Windsor.

A distant relative once gave me a book of fairytales when I was old enough to read it by myself. I don’t know if she read the book before she gave it to me because the stories frightened me to bits! These were not the airy fairy Disney versions that are on our bookshelves and screens now. These were the original gruesome versions. Thankfully I was not put off reading for life.

I love reading, and therefore I am quite surprised when I come across someone who doesn’t share my enjoyment of spending time with a good book. My mother passed on her passion for books when I was young. She would sometimes be in fits of laughter as she read stories to me. I didn’t always understand the humour, but nevertheless I enjoyed our shared ‘special time’ together. My father faithfully took his children to the library every few weeks and the stack of books that I borrowed grew bigger in tandem with the number of books that I could carry.

11 year old April Qu shares her passion for reading in the following Ted Talk video. She reminds us-  To read is to experience a world of imagination, adventure and discovery.

The Power of Reading | April Qu | TEDxYouth@Suzhou

TEDx Talks Published on 7 Mar 2016
The joy of shared reading experiences with your children may be remembered and treasured for many years to come. Happy reading…..
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