Phonics and Spelling

I had the privilege of listening to Dr Misty Adoniou (Associate Professor in Language, Literacy and Teaching, English as a Second Language, University of Canberra) address the role of analytical and synthetic phonics in learning to read and write. She was an inspirational speaker who reminded us that ‘sounding out’ words is such a small part of reading. (Refer to a previous post Reading Is About Meaning.)

Dr Misty Adoniou wrote the following articles. They explain much of the information that she shared during her presentation.

Why some kids can’t spell and why spelling tests won’t help          

How to help children with spelling

How do we learn to read? 

New phonics test will do nothing to improve Australian children’s literacy

NAPLAN results show it isn’t the basics that are missing in Australian education

Please note that these articles do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of SAEPS.

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2 thoughts on “Phonics and Spelling

  1. I heard her at the Principal conference last week. She was fabulous and I am trying to convince DET to engage her as a critical friend. Wishing you all the very best Dianne.

    • Great idea! Hope it works out. Thanks for your good wishes. You have been a fantastic support to me over the years.

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