Daily Homework Tasks

  • Each day your child will bring home a book that has been read during the day. Have your child read it to you and encourage all efforts.
  • At the front of the homework scrapbook is an envelope containing word cards. This is a cut-up copy of the story that your child wrote that day.
  • Your child should put the story back together and paste it onto a new page of the  scrapbook. A gluestick has been provided.
  • I have written the original sentence(s) on a stickynote (at the front of the book) in  case your child has forgotten any of the words. Please encourage your child to only look at the sticky-note if needed.
  • Please have your child read the cut-up story to you before and after it is stuck in the  scrapbook.
  • Please praise your child. We want him / her to feel clever and confident.
  • These homework tasks should not take any longer than 15 minutes. Please contact me if there are any problems.
  • The pencil case containing the reading  book, scrapbook and glue stick should come to school every day.

Homework pack: carrier, mini scrap book, glue stick, recording sheet and a book to read.





The word cards should be rearranged to put the sentence(s) back together. Your child needs to check it before it is pasted.




Your child should be able to read the book to you, but sometimes you might need to help.




Filling in the reading recording sheet:

  • If your child read the book by himself / herself tick- Read by child.
  • If your child needed more assistance than you would normally give tick- Read with child.
  • If your child had a lot of difficulty and you read most, or all, of the book to your child tick- Read to child.
  • After each book is read, please sign your name in the last column of the sheet.

Every day your child will choose to take home one of the books that has been read that day. Children have favourite books and sometimes he or she may bring the same book home more than once. Please do not insist that your child brings a different book home every day. When a book becomes too easy, and there is nothing more to learn from that book, I will remove it from his / her book box.



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