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My name is Dianne Fielding and l am one of the two Reading Recovery teachers at St Albans East Primary School. I have been a Reading Recovery teacher since 2000 at two schools and l was previously a classroom teacher for many years in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

I am enthusiastic about teaching literacy which lead me to complete a Master of Education (Language and Literacy) degree, and to train to be a Reading Recovery teacher.

I teach 4 mornings (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) and 1 afternoon (Wednesday).

I believe that Reading Recovery is the best means of helping struggling literacy learners in Year One to reach their potential.

This teacher has quite a bit of work to do!


Welcome to the Reading Recovery room.

What’s behind the door?








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18 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Dianne,
    I am a Reading Recovery teacher in Branson, Missouri. Your website is phenomenal and is packed with very useful information. Would you mind if I used yours as a guide to create my own? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Suzie Thomason

  2. I came across your page by accident and was very impressed. Your explanations of different areas related to reading are well worded. You are raising the profile of Reading Recovery and you should be congratulated. The children at your school are very lucky to have such dedicated and knowledgeable teachers.

  3. WOW!! Am in awe of you Dianne! I can’t even begin to imagine how much time you have put into this Blog. You’re an inspiration! Would you mind if I used some of your blog?
    Many thanks,

    • Thanks Leanne. I am always surprised that people outside our school community are looking at the blog.
      You are welcome to use anything that is helpful for you.

  4. Hi Dianne,
    Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful resource that has something for everyone! I’m really enjoying reading the blog posts as well as the great prompts you’ve shared. I hope you continue to add to this blog for many years to come as you are obviously a human wealth of knowledge as far as reading is concerned. Thank you for the time, effort and passion you have put into sharing! 😊

  5. Dianne,
    Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge in such a clear and easy to understand way. I”m in my 3rd year as a RR teacher and literacy leader at my site and sometimes crave simplicity amongst all of my studies to apply the theory to my practice. Your website is actually soothing….if that makes sense.

  6. I am in the process of attempting to create an ePortfolio for reading intervention students. I formerly taught Reading Recovery and use its principles for teaching my small groups (harder with groups than one-on-one). Your site is amazing and a very helpful resource. Your generosity to share it’s contents are what the teaching community is all about.

    After looking through your comprehensive portfolio it has helped me reach the conclusion that perhaps I was attempting a student ePortfolio, but needing a professional portfolio that presents reading and its elements to parents. Well done!

  7. Hi Dianne,
    Your explanations for the Reading Recovery Program are so clear, would you mind if I email them to my RR parents so they know more about the program and what i do?

    • Thanks Ann
      You are welcome to use the information from this blog but you might like to make it more personal to your school before you send emails to your parents.

  8. Hello! I just wanted to let you know how helpful your explanation of how to use the running records is to me as a preservice teacher. Much of the existing information is surprisingly sparse so it’s been incredibly helpful to see your very thorough breakdown of how to apply the MSV system as well as general advice for carrying out the assessment. Thank you for this wonderful resource!

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