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Information about Reading Recovery:

A brochure from the Victorian Education Department (DEECD).




A brochure from the NSW Education Department. This brochure is available in many languages.


Information from about the Reading Recovery lesson and links to research.





RRCNAAn excellent website about Reading Recovery. Here is some information about how parents can help their students at home.



This 15 minute YouTube video gives a lot of information about Reading Recovery. It is set in America but Reading Recovery is the same wherever it is taught. It actually began in New Zealand.




This 5 minute (American) YouTube video demonstrates the reading growth of one child from early in her Reading Recovery lessons to the end of the year.




This YouTube video is an example of a running record being taken.




after running recordThis YouTube video is an example of the discussion / learning that happens after the running record.




letter sortThis very short YouTube video shows an example of sorting letters that are the same.




This YouTube video is an example of the writing section of the lesson.




This YouTube video shows an example of the cut up story.





book introThis YouTube video gives an example of a book introduction.





elkoninElkonin (sound) boxes. This YouTube video shows how the boxes are used to isolate sounds within words.




Word Work the Reading Recovery Way- an excellent blog by Barb Evans (Parts 1-9)

It is not exactly how we teach letter and word work now but it gives a very good likeness for interested parents and classroom teachers:

word work 1Word Work 1 Linking sound and letter sequence.




word work 2Word Work 2 Sorting upper and lower case letters




word work 3Word Work 3 Unjumbling high frequency words



word work 4Word Work 4 Adding inflections



word work part 5Word Work 5 Changing onsets of known words




Word Work 6-9 Onsets and rimes, and smaller words within bigger words.

word work 6Word Work 6




Word work 7Word Work 7




word work 8Word Work 8



word work 9Word Work 9





bee_clipart_bumble_beeWhat spelling bees can tell us about learning to spell- and what they get wrong. An article written by Misty Adoniou, Senior Lecturer in Language, Literacy and TESL at University of Canberra.




Roaming Around The Known A presentation explaining the 1st 2 weeks of Reading Recovery.



Tips For Helping Your Child To Read At Home:

Ways to help at home

Lots of information from




picture book walk pdfSharing Books With Young Children

A brochure about: picture walks, shared reading and building vocabulary. Scroll down to Reading and then click on Sharing Books with Young Children Using dialogic reading, book picture walk, and shared book reading.


early lit

Early Lit Net- Links to many handouts and activities to support early readers.




reading at homeReading At Home- a web page from Scholars Choice with strategies and ideas to use during and after Reading Recovery.




How to Help your Child Read- A YouTube video.Some parents are talking about some ways to encourage children to read at home.




Reading With Your Child- A YouTube video. Some tips for reading to your child and some tips to use when listening to your child read.




Home Reading for Parents: Picture Help. A YouTube video showing how you can help children to read by introducing the pictures before the child attempts to read.




rr errors explainedThis YouTube video is of a teacher giving information and advice about errors that your child might make.




This YouTube video about fluency is for teachers, but it is useful to hear the difference between fluent reading and word-by word reading.




This short YouTube video has Michael Rosen, a children’s author, giving some tips for reading to your child. Reading to children has many positive benefits.




This British website has lots of interesting information about 5-7 year old readers and some fun ideas.



kids stuffKid’s Stuff. The Fun Reading Teacher. Links for children and parents to stories, videos and podcasts, songs and poems, games and articles for teachers and parents.



Oxford Owl is a website with lots of information about reading for parents.




Reading Strategies:

Into The Book– Useful information about some reading strategies that the students learn in their classrooms.


Helpful Ideas:

Becoming A Writer

A video presented by Noella Mackenzie about how young children explore writing.


You can download the accompanying brochure from Noella Mackenzie by clicking on this picture.



raise a readerTen Ways To Raise A Reader

This slide show has some useful ways to encourage your child to be a good reader. There are also links to other slide shows relating to literacy with young children and students.



alphabet cardsLearning the alphabet

This site has some free downloadable letter and picture cards that can be used for matching games.




consonant blendsConsonant Blends

This site has some free downloadable pictures with consonant blends that can be used to revise blending 2 letters together.



When children are choosing (longer) books for themselves they can use this ‘I Pick Just Right Books’ poster from


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